Michael Capponi’s InList Helps Entertainers Find the Best Venues

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A year ago Capponi had never set foot in Haiti. A devoted surfer, he was more acquainted with the well-known resorts nearby in the Dominican Republic, where he got a kick out of the chance to go for the waves. Aside from being a humanitarian, he’s also busy with his business ventures.

Michael Capponi is one of the co-founders of InList, a members-only mobile app for discovering and booking nightlife in over 45 cities. He has been involved in nightlife, luxury real estate, and development for the past 25 years.

Michael got his start in nightlife on South Beach’s Ocean Drive where he was hired to skateboard up and down the street to pass out flyers to partygoers. He later opened up Cameo and Boomerang, in 1989 and 1990, respectively.

InList allows venues and entertainers to get together in ways that weren’t always possible. It helps entertainers to travel to different cities to perform at different nightclubs that are recommended by the site. While anyone can access the app, only InList VIPs can view the hottest events. One can become a VIP by applying, and answering some questions, and then being accepted. Miami Beach nightlife mogul Michael Capponi passed out before boat crash report says.

michael capponi

Michael Capponi has had many successful events. The one that is most memorable is Madonna’s birthday party and housewarming. He and his partner are also very proud of the work they’ve done to help Haiti recover from the earthquake in 2010.

InList has debuted a new category for VIP members. They can now access an international calendar of high profile events. There are special awards events and championship sporting events.

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